Dave Ross

Here is everything Dave Ross has ever made that he can remember.

A split EP / 4-inch with Chris Cresswell
An EP / 7-inch called Vulnerable Idiot
A sketch special called Garbage Party
A podcast called What's it Called
The Only Album That Has Ever Been Remixed
A standup show called Good Heroin
A clothing line called Emo Football
A twitch show called Awful Level League
A b-sides EP called Fucked Up Old Shit, Vol. I
An EP / 7-inch called Herpes!
A podcast called Get Stupid
A set on the Late Late Show
The podcast Suicide Buddies, a.k.a. Y'all Ever
The Only Man Who Has Ever Had Sex
A mashup of every 90s radio a cappella part
A webseries called Brotherly
A This Is Not Happening story
A short film called NUMBER 5
A campaign sign that said "IDK Not Trump Tho"
This Comedy Central sketch
A Drunk History story
A podcast called Terrified
A comp called Holy Fuck. Live Comedy.
A sketch group called WOMEN
A storytelling show called Two-Headed Beast
Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast (co-host til 2013)
A standup show called Holy Fuck. Free Comedy.
A podcast called Cats and Pussy
An Eli Olsberg deathrap song


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